Tri-State Praise KGCR Program Guide

Monday – Friday Programming

[Click here for Saturday and Sunday Programs]

12:00AM SRN News
12:06AM Music
12:30AM Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll)
01:00AM SRN News
01:06AM Music
02:00AM SRN News
02:06AM Music
02:30AM Turning Point (David Jeremiah)
02:59AM Lighten Up (Ken Davis)
03:00AM SRN News
03:06AM Music
04:00AM SRN News
04:06AM Music
04:30AM Family Life Today (Dennis Rainey)
04:59AM Lighthouse Report
05:00AM SRN News
05:06AM Music
05:30AM Our Daily Bread
05:35AM Living on the Edge (Chip Ingram)
06:00AM SRN News
06:06AM Music
06:30AM SRN News
06:31AM Mission Network News
06:32AM Our Daily Bread
06:35AM Music
07:00AM News Roundup
07:15AM Music
07:35AM SRN News
07:37AM Music
07:50AM Focus on the Family Minute
07:51AM Breakpoint
07:55AM Music
08:00AM News Roundup
08:15AM Music
08:30AM SRN News
08:31AM My Money Life
08:35AM Music
09:00AM SRN News
09:06AM Music
09:30AM Markets
09:35AM A New Beginning (Greg Laurie)
10:00AM SRN News
10:06AM Music
10:30AM Focus on the Family (Jim Daly)
11:00AM SRN News
11:06AM Music
11:30AM Joni & Friends (Joni Tada)
11:35AM Revive Our Hearts (Nancy Leigh Demoss)
12:00PM News Roundup
12:15PM Music
12:30PM Markets
12:35PM Family Life Today (Dennis Rainey)
01:00PM SRN News
01:06PM Music
01:30PM Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll)
02:00PM SRN News
02:06PM Music
02:30PM Moneywise (Steve Moore and Rob West)
03:00PM SRN News
03:06PM Music
03:30PM Truth for Life (Alistair Begg)
04:00PM SRN News
04:06PM Music
04:30PM SRN News
04:31PM Markets
04:32PM Lightenup (Ken Davis)
04:35PM Music
05:00PM News Roundup
05:15PM Music
06:00PM SRN News
06:06PM Music
06:30PM Adventures in Odyssey
07:00PM SRN News
07:06PM Music
07:30PM My Utmost for his Highest
07:33PM Reaching Your World
07:35PM Music
08:00PM SRN News
08:06PM Music
08:30PM Free Indeed
08:35PM Turning Point
09:00PM SRN News
09:06PM Music
09:30PM A New Beginning
10:00PM SRN News
10:06PM Music
10:30PM Focus on the Family
11:00PM SRN News
11:06PM Music
11:30PM Joni and Friends
11:35PM Music

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