Classic KGCR






Classic KGCR came about as an effort to meet the music needs of a group of listeners who approached us asking if we could return to a more traditional style of music. While there was a significant audience for our current musical style, we wanted to minister to as many people as possible. With that in mind, we started looking into the possibility of a second broadcast geared toward reaching listeners who no longer tune in, or tune in on a limited basis, due to the change in our music style.

After significant research we identified a sub-carrier as the best way available to provide the proposed broadcast. A sub-carrier could be added to our current transmission, rather then requiring the purchase of new, costly equipment, allowing us to keep the cost low. Since this technology broadcasts on the same frequency as our current programming it requires a special radio to receive it. This radio can receive both Tri-State Praise KGCR and Classic KGCR.  You can order a radio here.

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