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  • Matthew 1:22-23

     All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet:  “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”).



Today is...
Dewey Decimal System Day
Human Rights Day
Nobel Prize Day
World Choral Day
Worldwide Candle Lighting Day
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Today is...
Dewey Decimal System Day
Human Rights Day
Nobel Prize Day
World Choral Day
Worldwide Candle Lighting Day
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As a drug treatment court judge in Shakopee, Minnesota, the honorable Chris Wilton has seen some pretty desperate cases.
But he says none have been more desperate than the heroin addict who first appeared before him in the spring of 2014. Her name is Jennifer Jensen. Health experts: Treat addiction like a disease
"Eight months pregnant and clearly using drugs," he said. "That's as bad as it gets. There's nobody worse than her."
And yet woeful as she was, a smile still comes to his face as he thought of her. As of Friday, 24-year-old Jennifer is 33 months clean with a healthy son by her side and a wretched past behind.
Hooked on heroin by high school, Jennifer posed for more mugshots than yearbook photos. When she eventually landed in Judge Wilton's courtroom, he somehow saw potential in Jennifer. He stayed on her and made her appear in court every few weeks -- 27 times in total.
"At first, it was annoying. Like, 'I have to see this guy this much, all the time?'" she asked. "I don't want to see this judge all the time."
But in hindsight, Jennifer says he saved her life.
"Yeah, I would not be here at all probably," she said.
Jennifer's mom, Carrie Martin, says she can't thank that judge enough.
"Every time I see him I'm like, 'You saved my daughter's life.' And he's like, 'No, I was just a judge.' And I'm like, 'No, she looks at you like a father,'" Connie said.
And that's why after her final appearance, Jennifer approached the bench with a very special plea.
"She walked up and asked me if I would perform her marriage, and I was there," Judge Wilton said.
There are no quick fixes to America's heroin epidemic. But if there is a lesson in this happy ending, it's that the solution is rooted in tough love and good judges who know when it's time to go heavier on the tough, and when it's time to go all in with the love.
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Fifty eight years after they last saw each other, George Aswad and his biological mother are back together again.
Aswad, who lives in North Carolina, surprised his 80-year-old biological mother, Jackie, at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers, Fla., on Thursday as she was making her way to visit other relatives, WINK reported.
She burst into tears the moment she saw him, a video by the news channel shows.
"It's a long time," he told her as they hugged.
"It's a long time," she echoed.
Speaking to WINK, Jackie said she never thought she'd see her son again.
"I gave a beautiful gift 58 years ago and I got it back. It's just almost unheard of," she said. "After 58 years, I'm 80, and I never thought I'd see him."
Aswad was given up for adoption after his birth in 1959 in Manhattan. Both of his adoptive parents died several years ago.
He always wondered about the identity of his biological mother so his son bought him two DNA kits in the hope they could find her.
"Through different searches," he managed to track down his mother and three-half sisters, who are related to his biological father, Aswad said. His father has passed away.
One of his half-sisters, Jane Sherman, told WINK that she's so glad the rest of the family found Aswad in time.
"I would've been very sad if I had passed away and never knew about him," she said.
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Cinnamon roll peeps! Shane and I both like the icing better than the actual peep! ... See MoreSee Less

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